BigBang acappella live

They were performing Always once, and the CD with the music broke 20” into the song. Without a second’s hesitation, they just carried on as if nothing had happened and rendered this amazing performance. There’s rapping, beatboxing (Tabi’s and GD’s), and beautiful vocal harmonies. The music returns on the 3.07 mark.

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I remembered that once when we were holding a concert in Japan, something went wrong and it seemed that we could not continue the show anymore. Suddenly, one of us started to do beatboxing, then we all started to beatbox and rap together. The atmosphere of the venue hyped up again and we could hear screams from the fans here and there. They loved the performance.

We were not prepared to face situations like this; however, at that very moment, we found trust in each other’s eyes and we knew that with our concerted efforts and beliefs, we could get through whatever difficulties, no matter how unexpected they seem to be.

When we finished the show, we said nothing but we hugged each other very, very, tightly.” (Jiyong, Big Bang - Shout out to the World)

…sorry I just had to quote that bc FEEEEEEEEEEELS

put the link on the fancam here^^ bcs this is awesome! mad talent right there

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Anyone who hasn’t heard this needs to.

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Christian Dior | Haute Couture | 2009